I am sorry to use an election term to start out my blog, in a time where “caucus” and “New Hampshire” have been so oversaid that it puts me on edge. But, its so appropriate! Forgive me for the clunkiness of this metaphor, but on this chilly January day, I’m swearing myself into the world of food + writing and I promise to make things happen in the years to come.

I’ve always loved to cook, always loved to eat, and always, always loved to read about anything culinary. As a kid, I’d read cookbooks. Not just flip through, no: cover to cover, noting descriptions, pictures, ingredients. When I got through my mom’s collection, I’d go to the library and check more out. You know you have it bad when you bring “Fannie Farmer’s Cookbook” to your brother’s Little League game.

Now that you know I was truly one cool cat growing up, here’s something else to know about me: If you said, “Kathleen. Forget your job. Forget your student loans, your responsibilities, and your attachment to stability. What would you do to make your heart happy?” My answer would be to drop everything, go to culinary school, then travel anywhere and everywhere eating as much as I could and writing about it. Consider this a compromise between my head and my heart, the best that I can do for the time being.

So! Hello, nice to meet you, thanks for reading. I have ideas about where this thing will go, but I’m sure plans will morph and directions will change. The one thing I can promise is that pretensions don’t exist in my food world. If it tastes good, it is good, and that applies to everything.