And not even the alcoholic kind.

Mini Indulgences at Seasons 52

Just something I’ve noticed (and enjoyed): the trend for some restaurants to offer mini-desserts. Little mini parfaits/sundaes/layer cakes in shot glasses, for the low, low price of $2.50. Seasons 52 has a nice assortment, brought to the table on a nice tray (I had their Rocky Road). Applebee’s features their own version (Dessert Shooters), and I’m sure this isn’t just a two-restaurant trend. I think its brilliant; I never want more than a bite or two of something sweet after dinner and don’t usually make a full-dessert commitment.

Interesting, too, after a discussion with some coworkers about gargantuan meal portions after a session wrestling with our food at the Cheesecake Factory. Not a bad mini-trend, these dessert shots, at a time where our economy is shrinking and our waist sizes need even more help in that area.