I’m morally opposed to sitting at a computer after work hours when the weather outside is nice, thus the long hiatus. And, to be honest, my cooking took a bit of a break over the past few months. I grilled and I made salads, and generally tried to avoid getting hotter and stickier by slaving over a hot stove. But, its getting cold again, which means I’m back to cooking and by extension–blogging. Not that anyone has been waiting with bated breath.

Best Meal of the Summer: The Souder Family Annual Crab Feast Fest in Brigantine, New Jersey. 144 crabs, 8 children under the age of 11, 3 Yuenglings, and 1 very happy Kathleen.

Best Drink of the Summer: A cold beer on a hot summer night at Busch Stadium.

Best Dessert of the Summer: Angie’s freshly baked pie, cut and eaten on my front porch after dinner, with crickets a-chirping and lightning bugs a-glowing.

Now, bring on the baked goods, soups, and of course, the best biscuits you’ve ever eaten.